At Bollard Street, we work with the UK’s leading manufacturers to supply you the most comprehensive range of PAS 68 Bollards available. To achieve the BSI PAS 68 standard, HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) products must be tested against a range of criteria including impact methods, speed, weight, tolerances, vehicle types and performance. They are designed to protect localised areas within a perimeter offering a product that is capable of arresting or completely halting the progress of a hostile vehicle.

The PAS 68 Certification is for the steel core of the bollard, which will absorb the impact weight.  The outer sleeves of the bollard can be made in Stainless steel with a satin polish finish going up all the way to a mirror polish finish if required.  Mild steel sleeves can be Powder coated to any standard RAL colour. A selection of tops such as flat or an angled Mitre can be offered for both mild and stainless-steel sleeves.

Single or multiple rebates can be cut near the top of the sleeve and high visibility reflective bands can be inserted in a range of colours such as yellow, white, red and blue.  The sleeve diameter and height are always greater than the core.  A good example would be that a 204mm diameter stainless steel sleeve would have a 168mm PAS68 core inside.  Outer sleeve diameters range from 127mm to 323mm.

The PAS 68 range offers a product with options regarding Speeds and vehicle weights depending on the level of security needed for each individual project. Different crash rated products can withstand varying vehicle impacts from a 1.2 tonne vehicle up to a 7.5-tonne vehicle at the following speed range of 20mph (32Kph), 30mph (48Kph), 40mph (64Kph) and 50mph (80Kph).  The bollards are usually installed at 1100mm intervals from each other and are generally in a line.

We can offer two types of PAS68 bollard foundations, they are Standard root fix and Shallow mount.  All PAS68 products must be installed to a detailed specification plan to ensure that they offer the protection level certified with steel rebar being key in PAS68 groundworks. The ground plans for each product are supplied once the final product specification is agreed upon. Standard root fix products range from a ground depth of 400mm to 1200mm.  When a standard product can’t be used for example in an area where there are services or other ground concerns a shallow mount product is available and ground requirements start from 112mm.  The shallow mount versions have a completely different groundworks layout to standard units due to the way they disperse impact energy.

Removable PAS68 bollards are available, offering certified protection and allowing occasional access to vehicles when required.

Manual retractable PAS68 bollards can also be offered as a manually operable variant; operated using a hand-held battery drill or a manual hand crank. No electricity or hydraulics are required to raise or lower the bollard and the product can be operated with ease and raised or lowered in seconds. Suitable for remote sites with limited access to electricity or where there would be infrequent use.

Each bollard has an individual reference code highlighting the units rating.  As an example of a PAS 68 rating, we have selected the following classification to explain:

PAS68: V/2500[N]/64/90:0.0/0.0

Example breakdown down as follows:

  • PAS68: The relevant PAS 68 standard
  • V (vehicle). This confirms that the product has been tested using a vehicle
  • 2500. The product was tested with a 2,500kg vehicle
  • N [Vehicle type= Car/Truck, M1=1.5t, N1G=2.5t, N1=3.5t, N2/N3=7.5t]
  • 64. This is the test speed. In this case, the bollard was crash-tested at 64kph (40 Mph)
  • 90. This is the impact angle. In this case, the bollard was crash-tested at 90°
  • 0.0. This is the impact penetration (in meters) achieved during the test that the load-carrying part of the test vehicle travelled past the back face of the product being tested before being drawn to a complete stop.
  • 0.0. This lets you know the furthest point that debris weighing over 25kg travelled during the test.

We have a lot of enquiries from contractors who have been asked to supply a PAS68 Bollard not fully understanding the specification or the detailed groundworks required on installation.  We have a network of qualified installers throughout the UK and if you would like help with installation as well as supply we can help.

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