Manual rising arm barriers provide a low maintenance, cost-effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorised areas. Ideally suited for protecting car parks and other entrances. The barriers are operated manually and are counter balanced to ensure easy lifting and lowering of the arm. These products are ideal for permanently manned entrances or where access is restricted at particular times.

Barriers can be up to 9 meters in length depending upon the model, and can be configured in a ‘meeting’ pairs for larger road widths. A straining wire prevents the pole arm bowing on models over 6 meters in length.

Constructed from laser cut mild steel with a strong but lightweight aluminium pole arm counterbalanced by supporting weights with the option to be galvanised before powder coating for greater protection against corrosion.

The barriers are powder coated in red as standard, but are also available in a full range of RAL colours. The barrier may be locked in both the raised and lowered positions by the users own padlock.

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