Static hoop barriers or goal posts can be located strategically on garage forecourt developments and perimeters to form a physical deterrent to potential ram-raiders and are an ideal way of securing large perimeters, allowing pedestrian access whilst denying vehicle entry.

Hoop barriers are supplied either in fixed or removable format.

The steel hoop barriers come in a variety of finishes from plain galvanised, and or painted as well as being available in stainless steel. All hoop barrier designs can be supplied as a root fix design to be simply ‘concreted in’ or alternatively, can be supplied with base plates on each leg for applications where a ‘bolt down’ fix is preferable.

The removable hoop barrier allows quick vehicular access as it can be completely removed. It simply locates into a pair of host ground sockets which have cover plates which prevent debris filling into the sockets when the unit is not located. Removable versions are available either as a padlock fix version or with an integral push button lock for greater convenience.

Please note that fixing lugs can also be specified to allow signage boards to be attached to the inside of the hoops for on-site advertising.

Feel free to contact us with your queries about hoop barriers.

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