Our collection of cast iron seats are elegant and are ergonomically designed as well as being intrinsically stylish. They comprise of traditional and also contemporary designs which will complement and enhance any landscape or project. They are robust and vandal resistant with hardwood slats which are sourced from FSA approved timber sources. Durable cast iron seat ends mean whichever seat design is selected it will provide years of service. The standard seat ends are cast in grey iron grade 250 to BS EN 1561:1997 engineering grade cast iron. Ductile iron or SG is also available to 450/10 grade, BS 1563:1997 which is better suited to locations where a seat may be subject to vandalism or vehicular impact, with aluminium also available as an option.

Available options for cast iron seats:-

Cast iron ends can be painted or coated in any standard RAL or BS colour.

Logos, crests and insignias can be incorporated into the cast iron seat ends.

Highlighting of detail in one or more colours. Specific areas can also be ‘picked’ out in gold highlights.

A choice of hardwood seat slats is available such as iroko, sapele, and oak all of which can also be stained or sadolin treated. Slats can have graffiti resistant coatings applied.

Commemorative bronze plaques and engravings can be incorporated into the timber seat slats for commemoration or memorial use.

Mild steel anti-vandal resistant slats can be substituted for timber slats.

Recycled plastic slats in black or brown are also available as an option.

Submerged fixing, seat legs can be extended for inserting directly into concrete for a ‘ragged’ fix.

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