Street furniture can inspire the public and bespoke street furniture can enhance the aesthetics and usability of key products in streetscapes across towns and cities throughout the UK.  Contemporary modern and forward facing, we offer a variety of styles and designs that compliment todays modern street scene whilst keeping ergonomics and aesthetics key in all our products.

Commercial Projects

Commercial projects are our main focus in the areas of Local Authorities, Education, Transport, Retail, New Build and Regeneration. We are working together with planners, architects, and contractors all over the UK, sharing ideas on small and large projects is a large part of our business. Unique or bespoke outdoor Furniture used correctly, can act as a focal point in urban environments.

Visual tools

Producing products that require imagination and creative thinking is aided by our use of rendered visuals, drawings, and prototypes.


Manufacturing outdoor furniture products such as benches, shelters, bins and planters require key quality materials. The high quality and durability of the materials we use can reduce ongoing and future maintenance requirements, leaving a product that will look good now and in the future.


We use a vast array of material choices such as: Iroko, Sapele, Opepe, and Oak hardwood Timbers, Western red cedar, Siberian Larch and Douglas fir softwood timbers.  Grade 304 and 316 (marine grade) Stainless steel, Recycled plastics, and mouldable polymers.  Other key materials used in modern street furniture projects are Stone, Marble, Corten steel, Mild Steel, PET plastics, and aluminium.

Living Products

Living products such as internal green walls and external bin store sedum green roofs are integral to our project solutions.  They bring a touch of nature to projects as well visual enjoyment whilst offering practical environmental benefits.

Bespoke Furniture

We offer product flexibility regarding dimensions, size, and style and all our products offer a a high degree of personalisation and a good example would be seating and benches. They can be supplied to unique specifications including various timber species options, backrests, armrests, combined with Stainless or mild steel and a vast array of PPC RAL colours, anti-skate and anti-vagrant measures, specific radius curving and bending as well as signage and inscriptions. 

Powder Coating

We offer a wide range of colour coatings, applied as a dry powder delivered by air fed machines electrostatically and then baked and cured in a large oven under heat. This create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint and it is resistant to chipping and scratching offering a high quality finish to any external furniture projects. Powder coating can be applied to all furniture where there is a metal element such as aluminium, mild or stainless steel. The process is environmentally balanced as the powder is applied in a contained and controlled environment with no pollutants or contaminants released into the air. We can offer a large selection of RAL colours to suit any project. Click here for a full range of available colours (opens new window).